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GlobalPost is an affordable way to send international packages to more than 220 countries*. You can ship packages that weigh less than 4.4 lbs using Economy and packages that weigh 70 lbs. using Standard. With Plus, ship to 10+ countries using Delivered Duties Paid (DDP).

*GlobalPost does NOT ship to the following countries: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan

Some of the benefits of using GlobalPost include:

  • Save up to 30% on international shipping

  • GlobalPost prints all needed customs forms from the information you provide

  • No minimum volume requirements

  • Up to $100 loss/damage coverage included on Standard shipments

  • Up to $200 loss/damage coverage included on Plus shipments

  • Use the GlobalPost HS Classification Tool for international merchandise identification codes

  • Dedicated GlobalPost tracking

GlobalPost services are available when creating a label for an international shipment in Endicia. For details on all available GlobalPost services, please review our GlobalPost Services help article.


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How does GlobalPost work?

GlobalPost acts much like an international consolidator in that it combines multiple shipments into a larger shipment for more efficient transportation.

When you use GlobalPost for international shipments, your packages will get a label with the address of the closest GlobalPost Domestic Processing Facility. After the facility receives your package, they'll add the international label and all the necessary customs paperwork. Then, the package is sent to your recipient using a GlobalPost partner carrier.

Your individual packages receive a domestic label and ship to a domestic sorting facility. Those packages then get relabeled and sent to their final destination.

A Endicia carrier partner picks up the packages from the shipper. Various partner carriers may transport the packages to their final destination.

Here is an example label created with GlobalPost.


If you ship 5+ international shipments a day, you may qualify for additional savings by using the GlobalPost SmartSaver program.

To apply for SmartSaver, call 1-888-899-1255 to speak to a GlobalPost team member or fill in the online Contact Us form to be contacted by the sales team. If filling in the form, include "SmartSaver Inquiry" in the Subject field, then choose General Questions for the Inquiry Type and Endicia as your Shipping Platform.

Duties & Taxes with GlobalPost

The government of the recipient country imposes charges on goods imported or exported across international borders. These are known as customs duties and taxes. The calculation of these fees depends on the country, the value, and the type of merchandise. Who pays for these fees is determined by the GlobalPost service you use.

GlobalPost Standard and Economy are Delivery Duties Unpaid (DDU), which requires the recipient to pay the charges upon delivery. The recipient could refuse to pay and reject the delivery, creating a negative experience for the shipper. To avoid misunderstandings, inform your international recipient they will be responsible for duties and taxes BEFORE shipping.

GlobalPost Plus is Delivery Duties Paid (DDP), which requires the shipper to pay the fees. Any fees assessed at the border will be invoiced back to GlobalPost, which will then be deducted as an adjustment to your account balance after delivery.

GlobalPost Shipping Tools

GlobalPost Tracking

When you ship using GlobalPost, you and your customer can track the package using the GlobalPost Tracking page. The tracking capabilities depend on the service.

  • Economy service: The tracking appears up to the exit point of the package leaving the U.S. 

    The last tracking event shows when the package leaves U.S. customs.

  • Standard and Plus services: The tracking is from door to door, including a tracking event when the package is delivered to the recipient.


Track Mail With Global Tracking

For quicker access to tracking details that have recently entered the mail stream, we recommend Global Tracking Package as a third-party resource.

GlobalPost HS Classification Tool

GlobalPost HS Classification Tool helps you find the right harmonization codes for your customs forms. It's a good idea to always include the correct harmonization codes on your customs forms. This ensures that the customs authority in the destination country can quickly process your shipment.

To use the lookup tool, enter a simple item description in the search field and click Find Code. You'll then be prompted to drill down on the details of your item with a series of multiple-choice questions until the right code has been identified.


The GlobalPost HS Tool automatically copies your HS Code to your clipboard for easy copying into your customs Form.


Notes about GlobalPost in Endicia

  • You will not print customs forms in Endicia.

    Endicia submits the customs information electronically, and GlobalPost will include the necessary customs documents when the package is relabeled at their sorting facility. Additionally, if your item descriptions in Endicia are accurate, GlobalPost will automatically add the correct HS Codes to your customs forms for all EU-bound shipments.

  • Filing a claim: All approved claims include a refund of the GlobalPost shipping costs.

    Claims cannot be honored for items confiscated as contraband by customs or if a recipient refuses to pay customs duties and the destination country does not send the item back to you.

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