DHL Express Services

DHL Express has some of the fastest shipping services available for international shipping. For added convenience, Endicia offers the ability to schedule one-time pickups for DHL Express shipments directly in the app.

Each service has its own specific requirements and costs, so it is important to review your selections carefully before shipping to avoid delays or cost adjustments.

Should you encounter an issue such as a lost or damaged package when using DHL Express, see our guide on how to file a claim.

Endicia has the following services available when shipping a package with DHL Express:

DHL Express Worldwide

Door-to-door delivery by the end of the next possible business day.

  • Time-sensitive international shipping needs

  • Proactive delivery notification available on request

  • Standard booking procedure and customer support

  • Available from and to all pickup and delivery locations worldwide

  • Accepts dangerous goods

Shipping Requirements:

  • Weight: up to 150lbs

  • Maximum size: 118 x 48 x 63 in.

DHL Express Envelopes

Door-to-door international delivery of lightweight documents by the end of the next possible business day.

DHL Express Envelopes can only be used for documents up to 10 oz. Do not use DHL Express Envelopes to ship merchandise, regardless of weight. This will result in your shipment being classified by DHL as a package and incur additional expenses.

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