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Endicia partners with multiple carriers to help meet all of your mailing and shipping needs. When you create your account, you have immediate access to USPS, UPS, DHL Express, and GlobalPost services.

All postage and label fees, no matter which carrier you ship with, are deducted from your Endicia account balance. Review our Fund Your Account Balance help article for details on how to fund and manage your account balance.


You can print official USPS postage on NetStamps sheets or rolls or directly onto envelopes of various sizes. You can also create USPS shipping labels to mail packages and ship ecommerce orders. Endicia also provides automatic access to USPS commercial pricing as well as pre-negotiated discounts and cubic rates for certain services.

Both domestic and international USPS services are available in Endicia. You can also schedule pickups directly in the app. Visit our USPS Services help article for details about each available service and associated requirements.


With UPS from Endicia, you can print shipping labels for both domestic and international packages and enjoy our pre-negotiated discounted rates.

  • Save up to 69% off UPS 2nd Day Air® service and UPS Next Day Air® service

  • Save up to 86% off UPS International services

  • Save up to 55% off UPS® Ground shipments, which reaches 90% of the U.S. population in 3 days or less

  • Avoid pickup charges by dropping off your UPS® shipment at one of the 60,000 UPS dropoff locations throughout the United States. This includes UPS Stores, UPS Drop Boxes, CVS, Michaels, and Advanced Auto Parts.

UPS also includes the ability to schedule pickups right in our app. Visit our UPS Services help article for details about each available service and associated requirements.


With GlobalPost from Endicia, you can ship international shipments to 220+ countries* at rates significantly lower than many international carriers. With GlobalPost, you'll ship your international shipments first to a domestic sorting facility, where your shipments will be sorted and relabeled for their final destination. GlobalPost's consolidator strategy allows them to offer some of the most competitive rates in the business without sacrificing delivery time.

  • GlobalPost Economy International for packages up to 4.4 Lbs.

  • GlobalPost Standard International for packages up to 70 Lbs.

  • GlobalPost Plus for packages up to 66 Lbs. to 10+ countries.

  • GlobalPost Go for flat rate up to 2 lbs, duties and taxes included, shipping from the US to Canada and Australia (more destination countries to come).

Anyone can ship individual packages with GlobalPost (we call this "single-piece shipping"). But for anyone shipping at least 5 international shipments per day, you may also qualify for the GlobalPost SmartSaver program. With SmartSaver, you can save up to an additional 30% on your international shipping costs. Call us at 1-888-899-1255 to see if you qualify.

Visit our GlobalPost Services help article for details about each available service and associated requirements and limitations.

*GlobalPost does NOT ship to the following countries: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan

DHL Express

DHL Express from Endicia provides access to two popular international shipping services: DHL Express Worldwide and DHL Express Envelope. DHL Express has some of the fastest shipping services available for international shipping. For added convenience, Endicia offers the ability to schedule one-time pickups for DHL Express shipments directly in the app.

Visit our DHL Express Services help article for details about each available service and associated requirements.

Add UPS & DHL Express

If UPS and DHL Express services do not appear right away in your account, you will need to activate them.

To activate UPS and DHL Express in your account:

  1. Go to Settings and select Carriers.

  2. Click Add.

  3. Click the logo for the carrier you wish to add and accept the terms and conditions.

The carrier(s) will now be available in your account.

Enable and Disable Services

By default, all services available from all carriers are enabled for your account. However, you may not need to use all available services. If that is the case, you can disable any services you don't use so they don't appear in your Services drop-down menu. Keeping only the services you plan to use will help make your service selection faster and prevent time-sensitive mistakes in the future.

To enable or disable services in your account:

  1. Open your account settings and select Carriers under Common.

    Settings Popup. Side Navigation. Box highlights General tab under Common menu.
  2. Uncheck any services you do not wish to use. If any services you do wish to use are disabled, check their box to enable them. Then, click Done.

Now, only your enabled services will be available to choose when you mail or ship.

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