Connect a Volusion Store

Volusion is a user-friendly e-commerce solution that helps you get an online store going without any coding. Endicia can import orders from Volusion to handle labels and other shipping requirements.


Connection Requirements:

  • A Volusion account on a Volusion plan with API access

  • Your Volusion username and password

  • Connecting a store requires your Endicia account to be on either the E-commerce or one of our Legacy plans.

How to Connect Volusion

To connect your Volusion store to Endicia:

  1. Go to the ORDERS tab.

  2. Click the Settings icon.

  3. Select the Stores tab and click Add.

  4. Select Volusion.


    The Connect Your Volusion Store window will open.

  5. Follow the steps in the Connect Your Volusion Store window.

    • Log into your Volusion account.

    • Select Administrators on the Volusion landing page.


      Click Add.

    • Add a new administrator, but do not save yet.

    • Scroll down and open the Special Privileges section. Check the Super Admin and Allow Access to Private_Sections boxes, then click Save.

    • Log out then log back into Volusion with your new super admin account.

    • Click Import/Export in the Inventory drop-down menu.

    • Click Volusion API.


      Then click Run next to Generic/Orders. Your Volusion Web Store URL will appear. Copy the URL.

  6. Paste your Volusion store URL into the Volusion API URL field.


    Click Connect when done.

  7. Give your Volusion Store a personalized nickname and click Save.

Your Volusion Store is now connected and ready to retrieve your orders. Customize your Volusion store now or at any time in the future with our advanced Settings features.

Learn more about how to Edit Your Store Settings.

Email Address Does Not Import

If you are having issues importing email addresses for Volusion orders, this may be a result of the email address not being accessible.

To resolve this:

  1. Select Import/Export in the Inventory drop-down menu on your Volusion Web Store Dashboard.

  2. Select the Volusion API tab.

  3. Scroll down to the Generic section and click the Run button next to Generic\Customers.

  4. Select a date and set IDs to ALL IDs.

  5. Click on the Reset Export link.


Repeat this process for each date in the drop-down. This will not delete any information.

Your Volusion orders should now import with the email address. If you continue to experience issues, please Contact Customer Support.

Reauthorize Your Volusion Store

Reauthorizing your Volusion connection can be useful when permissions need to be reestablished between Endicia and your Volusion store, such as when you receive an error when importing orders.

For security reasons, Volusion requires you to reauthorize your connection every 90 days.

To reauthorize a Volusion store:

  1. Select the store to reauthorize, then click Reconnect.

  2. Follow steps 5 - 6 of the Connect a Volusion Store section above.

  3. Click Save. Then, Done.

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