Introduction to Products

The Product Catalog is Endicia's listing of all the items you sell online. These product records contain information necessary for shipping, including:

  • Item SKU

  • Item weight

  • Declared Value

  • Country of Origin

  • HF Tariff (if needed)

Endicia uses this information to automatically populate information so you can quickly check rates and create labels without manually inputting weight and dimensions. These product details can also be included on packing slips and shipment confirmation emails. Product records can also help speed up your international shipping by automatically filling in customs declarations.

The PRODUCTS tab becomes available when you connect an online store to your account, which is available to accounts on our E-commerce plan and certain Legacy plans.


Product details are divided into sections where you enter information about the product:

Product Record Sections



The alpha-numeric code you use to define the product and track inventory.

Item Descriptions and Details

Enter basic information like the product's Name, Description, Image URL, Tags, Category, and UPC.

Shipping Defaults

This includes details important to calculating shipping rates such as Weight, Dimensions, and Warehouse Location.

Customs Overrides

Information necessary for International shipping:

  • Customs friendly descriptions

  • Declared Value

  • Country of Origin

  • HS Tariff

Store Alias

This section lets you manage Store Aliases, which are additional SKUs that refer to the same product.

To learn more about using Products with Endicia, read our Manage Your Product Catalog help article.

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