Connect a Big Cartel Store

Connect your Big Cartel store to Endicia to manage and ship your orders quickly.


Connection Requirements:

  • An active Big Cartel account

  • Your Big Cartel username and password

  • Connecting a store requires your Endicia account to be on either the E-commerce or one of our Legacy plans.

Order Import Requirements:

  • Only Payment Received orders will import.

How to Connect Big Cartel

To connect a Big Cartel store:

  1. Select Big Cartel.

  2. Click the Connect button to be taken to Big Cartel's site.

  3. Log into your Big Cartel account to authorize the connection (if you were already logged in to Big Cartel, this step will be skipped). By logging into your account, you grant Endicia permission to access and update your order data.

    After logging into your Big Cartel account, you will be redirected back to Endicia.

  4. Adjust your store settings and click Save.

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