Introduction to Automation

Automation allows you to reduce the number of manual steps you take in your workflow. Automation saves you time and resources and enhances accuracy and consistency. It can enable you to meet the increasing demands of your customers and remain competitive in the market.

Automation can:

  • Configure your shipments by applying a carrier, service, and package.

  • Set the package dimensions based on the product.

  • Assign orders to a user.

  • Automatically apply insurance to orders.

  • And much more!

As your orders import, Endicia will check if they qualify for automation. If they do, it will automatically perform the rule's designated action.

Endicia can automate your orders in the following ways:

  • Automation Rules: An Automation Rule uses IF/THEN logic. The IF is the requirements the order must have - the Criteria. The THEN is the information the rule will change - the Action. If X is true, then do Y.

    For example, criteria can be the destination country or your customer's requested service. Actions can set the customs declarations or set the carrier service. IF (the Criteria ) the order is shipping to Mexico, THEN (the Action), set the carrier service to the desired international carrier.

    You can customize Automation Rules and create as many as you need. Rules can work in conjunction with other automation methods.

  • Service Mapping: Automatically assign the shipping service your customer selected during checkout to the order. If you configured your marketplace so customers can select their shipping method when placing orders, Endicia will import this selection as the Requested Service.

With these tools, you can fully control your shipping processes, reduce manual labor, and achieve significant cost savings.

Subscription Plan Requirement

This feature is not available for all subscription plans. If you would like to use this feature but cannot access it as described here, you will need to upgrade your plan.

Visit our plan pricing page to see what features are available with our current plans. To upgrade your plan, go to the profile menu in your account and choose Manage Account > Subscription Plan.

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