Use Product Tags

Tags are color-coded indicators often used to visually mark orders that have unique needs or circumstances. If you have many orders, tags can help draw your attention to orders that need immediate attention or special consideration. You can add tags manually to orders, or you can add them to product records so any order that imports with that product will automatically include that tag. Tags can also be used to filter orders and act as criteria for Automation Rules.

Some common uses for tags might be to identify orders as:

  • Fragile

  • High Priority

  • Backordered

  • Potential fraud

  • Requiring Insurance

To use the Product Catalog, which includes the Tags feature, your account must be on the E-Commerce plan or one of the Endicia Legacy plans.

Create Tags

There is no limit to how many tags you can create in your account.

To create a tag:

  1. Go to either the PRODUCTS or ORDERS tab.

  2. Click Tags and select Manage Tags in the drop-down menu.

  3. Click Add in the Manage Tags window.

  4. Give your tag a name that works for you.

    In this example, we use the name Fragile to identify the order as requiring special care when packing and shipping.

    productstagsaddtagwindowopenand populated7918.png
  5. Click on the color field next to Tag Color. Select a color from the palette.

  6. Click Save.


Your new tag will appear in the Manage Tags window and can now be added to product records and orders. Repeat the above steps to create as many tags as you need.


Assign Tags to Products

You can assign tags manually to orders at any time. But you can also assign tags to product records so that any order that includes the tagged product will also include the tag. The process for adding a tag to an order is the same as adding a tag to a product.

To assign a tag to a product:

  1. Go to the PRODUCTS tab and select a product to open the Product details.

  2. Select a tag from the Tags drop-down menu.


    For this example, we included the tags for Fragile, the Big Man online Store, and International orders.

The tags will be displayed in the Tags column in the PRODUCTS grid and any order that imports with the product will include the tag (which you can see in the Tags column in the ORDERS grid).


Edit Tags

To edit a tag:

  1. Go to the Tags drop-down menu and select Manage Tags (from either the PRODUCTS tab or ORDERS tab).

  2. Click Edit in the Manage Tags window.

  3. Make any changes to the text or color, then click Save.


    The existing tag name and/or color will be updated accordingly.

Delete a Tag

To delete a tag:

  1. Go to the Tags drop-down menu and select Manage Tags (from either the PRODUCTS tab or ORDERS tab).

  2. Select a tag from the Manage Tags pop-up then click Delete.

  3. Click Yes to permanently remove that tag.

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