Using Endicia Connect

Endicia Connect is a downloadable application that sends print tasks from your account to your printer hardware. It allows you to print postage from your Endicia account when using any browser on any device to any printer on your Connect-enabled workstation.

For the best experience, we recommend installing Endicia Connect when you first sign up for Endicia. If you prefer, you can prepare some shipping labels without Endicia Connect, but you may not be able to print all types of postage or use all types of printers.

Using Chrome with Endicia Connect

With the Chrome browser, you can print envelopes and Netstamp sheets without using Endicia Connect.

If you are not using Chrome as your browser or you intend to print from a location that is not the printer workstation, you will need to install Endicia Connect.

Install Endicia Connect

Log Into Endicia Connect

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