Share Printers & Scales

Endicia allows you to read weights from a scale and print to a printer that is connected to another computer. This is useful when you use multiple computers that share a single scale or printer.

This article provides the steps you need to connect to a scale or printer on a computer other than the one you are working on.


Read from a Scale on Another Computer

  1. Click the Settings icon next to the Weigh button.


    The Select Computer window will open.

  2. Select the computer that the scale is plugged into from the Computer drop-down. Then, click the Select button.


You can now read from the scale that is connected to the computer you selected.

Print to a Printer Connected to Another Computer

  1. Select the computer that the printer is plugged into from the Computer drop-down.

  2. Select the printer from the Printer: drop-down. Then, click the Print button.


The label will print to the computer and printer you selected.

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