Compare Rates with Rate Advisor

Rate Advisor is the built-in tool for Endicia that helps you identify the best rate and service for every shipping label you create. You can instantly compare rates and delivery times across different carriers so you never overpay for a label again.

Rate Advisor is available to select when you are preparing a label in the MAIL tab and the ORDERS tab. To open the Rate Advisor, select Compare Services and Rates... from the Carrier drop-down menu.


Using Rate Advisor

In the Rate Advisor screen, the shipment information you entered when configuring the shipment (ship from and ship to location, weight, and dimensions) will appear at the top. If you change any of these values, the rates you see will adjust accordingly.


Rate Advisor offers three ways to view the available services and rates:

  • Recommended: This is the default view and recommends services based on the combination of price and delivery speed.

  • Cheapest: This option organizes the service options from least to most expensive, regardless of delivery speed.

  • Fastest: This option organizes the service options from fastest to slowest, regardless of price.

You can additionally filter your results to show services for only certain carriers that include specific package types, have specified estimated delivery times, and a few other options.


To apply one of the services to your shipment, click the button that shows the rate for the service. Endicia will apply that carrier, service, and package type to the shipment for you.


If you need to change your selection, open the Rate Advisor again and choose another service. You'll then be ready to print your label.

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