Reprint NetStamps

If your NetStamps print incorrectly due to a printer error, you have a chance to reprint without purchasing another sheet.

The option to reprint a NetStamps sheet is ONLY available on the print screen after your initial print. The option to reprint goes away if you leave the page, close the reprint banner, or change any NetStamps settings.

To reprint your NetStamps sheet:

  1. Click Reprint, which appears at the top of the page after your initial print.


    Do not change any print details, such as mail class or weight, or leave the page. Any changes to print details disables the Reprint feature and you will need to request a postage refund.

  2. Check the box to certify that the misprinted postage will never be used.

  3. Click Continue.

  4. Select the correct printer and paper tray, then click Print in the Reprint Postage window.

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