Printing NetStamps

NetStamps are the official USPS solution for printing postage stamps from Endicia to use on postcards and letters. When printing USPS postage stamps from Endicia, you must use either NetStamps sheets or rolls. NetStamps are approved by USPS and are specially designed to work with the USPS processing systems. They include security features to protect you and deter postage fraud.

Use NetStamps sheets when printing from a standard inkjet or laser printer. NetStamps sheets are 8.5" x 11" with 25 labels each. However, if you have a 2" thermal printer, the best option is to use NetStamps rolls. You can purchase both sheets and rolls on the Endicia Online Store.

Before You Begin

If you are new to printing NetStamps, please review our Printer Setup and Print Sample NetStamps articles for guidance on your printer settings and properly loading your NetStamps sheets into your printer.

Create & Print Your NetStamps

To create and print your NetStamps:

  1. Go to the MAIL tab.

  2. Choose Stamps from the Print On drop-down menu.

  3. Enter the serial number of the NetStamps sheet or roll into the Serial # field.


    The serial number for sheets is located on the top right corner of each sheet. The serial number for rolls is included on each stamp of the roll. This serial number lets our software know the style and format of your NetStamps. Once entered, the preview will update to display the corresponding NetStamps type.

  4. Choose whether to calculate the postage amount or specify the postage amount.

    • Calculate Postage Amount: Use this option if you want our software to calculate the amount for each stamp. Amount is determined based on the type and weight of your mailpiece and its destination (either domestic or international).

    • Specify Postage Amount: Use this option if you need to print a pre-determined amount for each stamp.

  5. Select the Mail From address (if other than the default) and Mail To country (if mailing to a country other than the United States).

  6. Enter the weight of your mailpiece. If using a connected postal scale, click Weigh.


    We set the default weight to 1 oz, which is about the weight of an envelope with 5 sheets of paper. If your mailpiece weighs more than 1 oz, be sure to update the weight to avoid having the mailpiece returned for insufficient postage. We recommend using a postal scale for accurate weights.

  7. Select your desired service from the Service drop-down menu.

  8. Select how many stamps you wish to print.


    When printing a NetStamps sheet: If you do not print a full sheet, our software will remember which stamps were printed and will select the next unused stamp as the starting point the next time you print NetStamps. You can also manually select which label to start with.

  9. (Optional) Enter a Reference Number and/or select a Cost Code (these options are useful for tracking your postage expenses).


You are now ready to print your NetStamps! Click Print Postage.

First time printing?

Review our Printer Setup and Print Sample NetStamps help articles if this is your first time printing or you are unsure if your printer is configured correctly for NetStamps.


Image may not reflect current USPS postage rates.

If your NetStamps failed to print properly, you can reprint without an extra charge by clicking the Reprint button and following the onscreen prompts.


The Reprint option appears after each print occurs. Please note you have one opportunity to reprint. Do not change any settings or go to another screen. Doing so will disable the Reprint feature.

NetStamps with Address Labels

Original NetStamps® with Address Labels sheets combine NetStamps with address labels in one sheet. When using these sheets, you can print both the postage stamp and the return address label for your envelope at the same time. You can purchase NetStamps with Address Labels directly from the Online store.


The process for printing NetStamps with address labels is the same as printing a regular NetStamps sheet. When you enter the sheet serial number into the Serial # field, our software will recognize the sheet format automatically.

To print a sample first, go to our Print Sample NetStamps article and download the NetStamps with Address Label Sample sheet and follow the print sample sheet instructions.

Notes about Printing NetStamps

  • NetStamps do not expire after printing.

  • The "X" marking on NetStamp rolls signals the beginning and end of the roll. This marking helps when loading the roll and lets you know when to replace it. Do not use these stamps for mailing purposes. If you accidentally print a NetStamp with an "X" marking, you can request a refund for the print.

  • You cannot print USPS postage stamps on plain paper. You must use official NetStamps sheets or rolls, which are approved by USPS for printing postage stamps.

  • You can use NetStamps for both domestic and international postcards and letters.

  • You can use a combination of traditional stamps and NetStamps on the same mailpiece as long as it adds up to the correct postage amount. For optimal delivery speed, the USPS recommends putting the largest denomination in the upper right corner.

  • You can use NetStamps on either plain or window envelopes. However, for large envelopes/flats, packages, or Priority Mail class shipments you must instead create and print a shipping label.

  • You can print either a partial or full NetStamps sheet. A full sheet contains 25 NetStamps. If you choose not to print a full sheet, you can re-insert the sheet into your printer and select the first unused label on the sheet the next time you print.

  • You cannot print multiple NetStamps sheets at a time. You are currently limited to one sheet per print session. Consider using NetStamps Rolls with a 2" thermal printer if you need to print in larger quantities.

USPS NetStamps Regulations

According to USPS regulations, NetStamps may not be resold and can be used only by the direct purchaser. Any knowing violation of this USPS rule can result in prosecution by federal authorities for mail fraud.

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