Change or Reset Your Account Passwords

To sign in to a Endicia account, you must have a username and password. Endicia uses this to keep your account information private and protected. If you encounter a scenario where your password gets compromised or forgotten, you can update it in the app.

This article will walk you through the steps and best practices for changing and resetting your password to ensure your information stays secure.

Change Your Password

To change your password in your account:

  1. Open the username drop-down menu and choose Manage Account.

  2. Go to Account Settings in the sidebar and click Profile, then Password.

  3. Enter your Current Password, then a New Password, and Confirm New Password.


    Passwords must contain:

    • Between 6-64 characters

    • At least one number

    • At least one letter

    • At least one special character

    Passwords should not contain your username or commonly used words, such as password.

  4. Click Save.

Reset Forgotten Password

To reset a forgotten password:

  1. Enter your username and click on Forgot Password? on the login page.

  2. Enter your Username and click Continue in the pop-up.

    The Endicia forgot password popup shows the username field and a continue button.
  3. Answer the security questions you set up when you opened your account, then click Continue.

    If you do not know the answers to your security questions, please contact Customer Support.

  4. Log in to Endicia with your temporary password, where you will be prompted to enter a new password.

    Log back in once your password is reset.

Best Practices

Your password should:

  • Contain between 6-64 characters

  • Contain at least one number, one letter, and one special character

Do not include your username or the words password, stamps, or postage.

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