Manage Shipping Addresses

Your Shipping Address, also known as your Origin Zip or Postal Meter Address, is the address you mail from. It is used to determine postage rates. If your location changes, you will want to update your shipping address in your account. Your Return Address is only for undeliverable mail pieces and can be different from your Postal Meter Address.


You cannot use a Post Office Box as a shipping address.

To add or change your shipping address:

  1. Select Manage Account from the username drop-down menu.

  2. Select Shipping Address from the Account Settings section.

  3. Enter your new address and click Save. The Address Matching System will then verify your address.

  4. Click Continue to finish.


Managing Multiple Ship From Addresses

If you ship from multiple locations, you can add multiple addresses to your account and then select which location you are shipping from as needed.

  1. Select Manage Shipping Addresses from the Ship From drop-down menu.

  2. Click Add.

  3. Enter a new Ship From Address, with zip code. Then Save and close the Settings window.

  4. Go to the Ship From drop-down menu and select your new Ship From Address.


You now have multiple Ship From Addresses in your account.

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