Connect & Use a USB Postal Scale

Endicia allows you to connect a postage scale so you can import accurate mailpiece weights when creating NetStamps, envelopes, and shipping labels.

This article will guide you through connecting your scale, configuring Endicia to automatically read weights from your scale, give you a few tips on using a scale, and list scales supported by Endicia.

Connect Your Postal Scale

Before you begin be sure to power on your scale, your computer, and log in to Endicia.

  1. Plug the USB cable into an open USB port on your computer. Then, plug the other end of the cable into the USB port on your postal scale.

  2. If you have not already done so, power on your postal scale.

  3. Open Endicia and go to the MAIL tab. Then, check the Auto box next to the Weight field.


Using a Postage Scale

Now that your scale is connected, Endicia will automatically read and display the weight from the scale. Here are a few tips that may assist you when weighing packages when shipping:

Zero or Tare Your Scale

Typically, when a scale is powered on, it will display zero weight. However, there may be times when your scale incorrectly shows a weight even when there is nothing on it. Other times, it may show a negative weight. When this happens, you have a few of options:

  • Power the scale off and back on. It should reset itself to zero.

  • Many USB scales have a Zero or Tare button, which is there to set the weight back to zero. With nothing on the scale, press the button on your scale and it should reset the weight to zero.

Determine the Weight of a Package

When you want to determine the weight of a package, but not include the weight of the box the contents are in:

Place the empty box on the scale. Then, either power the scale off and on or press the Tare button. The scale will set the weight to zero, even with the box on the scale. Now, you can add the contents to the box and the scale will only display the weight of the items in the box.

Remember to zero out your scale again once you remove the box from the scale since it will show a negative weight.

Hold the Weight Reading

When weighing a large item that makes it impractical to read the scale display, you can set the scale to hold the weight. When you remove the item you can then see the weight on the scale. How you do this depends on the scale model. Typically, you have two options:

  • Option 1: Import the current weight from the scale. Place the package on the scale. Then, click the Weigh button in Endicia. The weight from the scale will be imported and the Auto checkbox will be disabled to "hold" the current weight.

  • Option 2: Many scales include a hold button. Press the Hold button on the scale. The current weight is locked in. You can then remove the package from the scale and the held weight will still be displayed. Press the Hold button again to release the held weight.

Troubleshoot Weight Fluctuations

Sometimes, the weight can fluctuate when an item is placed on the scale. This typically happens due to the scale being on an uneven surface or by electrical interference.

Here are a few things to check if the weight on your scale is fluctuating:

  • Ensure your scale is placed on a flat, level, and secure surface. The surface should be free of any vibrations.

  • Inspect the scale to make sure there is no damage to the weighing platform or to the legs on the bottom of the scale. A broken leg can cause the scale to be uneven and to move when weighing a package.

  • Make sure the scale is not placed near appliances that turn on and off with large currents, such as refrigerators, photocopiers, and microwave ovens. Electrical interference from these appliaces may cause the scale reading to fluctuate.

Recommended Digital Scales

Endicia recommends using the ONYX digital scale that best suites your shipping needs. There are three ONYX digital scales available on the Endicia supplies store:

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