Troubleshooting: My Printer is Not Printing

There are several things to check when your postage and labels aren't printing. This article will guide you through the most common troubleshooting steps so that you can quickly get back up and running again.

We recommend following the general troubleshooting steps in this article first. Then, if needed, there is a list of printer and error-specific articles at the end of this article that can provide additional troubleshooting steps if needed.

1. Check Your Printer & Print a Test Page

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2. Check Your Printer Setup

For the best experience, make sure that Endicia Connect is installed and running properly. Without Endicia Connect, you may not be able to print all types of postage or use all types of printers.

  1. Follow the steps in the Using Endicia Connect help article to download and install Connect. Installing Connect will ensure that you are running the latest version.

  2. After installing Connect, reboot your computer.

  3. Log into Endicia and print a sample label, NetStamps sheet, or envelope.

Did reinstalling Endicia Connect resolve your printing issues?

  • Yes! Great! You're all set.

  • No: Try reinstalling the printer's driver.

3. Reinstall the Print Driver

The steps to reinstall a print driver will differ depending on the type of printer you are using. We've included a few links and suggestions in this section to help.

Follow the steps in our Reinstall a Printer Driver in Windows help article for detailed steps on manually reinstalling drivers for inkjet, laser, or Zebra branded thermal printers.

Check Your Printer Manufacturer's Website

In many cases, the printer manufacturer's website will allow you to download software specific to your printer. The software will guide you through the process of reinstalling your printer. Try checking the Support, Support and Downloads, or Downloads section of the printer manufacturer's website.

Helpful Resources for Endicia Supported Thermal Printers

Did reinstalling the print driver resolve the printing issue?

Additional Printer-Specific Troubleshooting

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