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View and export your mailing history, expenses, and balances with Endicia's built-in reports. Exported reports are saved as a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file so that you can open and edit the data in your preferred software.

The available report types in Endicia are:

  • Prints: Shows your mailing and shipping history. Prints reports can be run by:

    • Service: Reports the number of mailings for each service type (First-Class Mail®, Priority Mail®, UPS Ground®, etc.)

    • Cost Code: Reports the number of shipments assigned to each cost code

    • Type: Lists the number of mailings categorized by Letters vs. Packages

  • Expenses: Lists the funds added to your account and purchases made for insurance, supplies, and service fees and taxes.

  • Balances: Reconciles credits and expenses. Lists the beginning balance, funds added, funds credited, funds deducted, and ending balance for a specified timeframe.

To run and export a report in Endicia:

  1. Go to the REPORTS tab.

    Endicia: Toolbar. ­ Box highlights REPORTS Tab
  2. Select which report to run.


    The selected report Summary will be displayed.

  3. Select the type of report you wish to view from the Report Type drop-down menu.

    The available report types will differ based on which report you have selected.

  4. Expand the Date drop-down menu and specify the date range for the report.

    Use the Custom Date Range option to enter a specific range of dates.

  5. Select a date range Interval.

    The Interval option is only available when a Chart or Graph report type is selected.

  6. Expand the Data drop-down menu to specify the type of data you wish to include in the report.

    • Amount Paid ($): Displays dollar amounts

    • Count (#): Displays counts

  7. Use the Filter option to further narrow the results displayed in the report.

    Filters are available for:

    • Prints reports: Filter by service and cost code

    • Expense report: Filter by expense type

  8. Click the Export button to export and download the report results to a CSV file.


    Click the Print button if you wish to generate a printable view of the report.

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