Schedule a Pickup

When your packages are ready to ship, you can conveniently schedule a pickup in Endicia with your preferred carrier. Use the Schedule a Pickup feature to schedule a one-time pickup. Endicia sends all the necessary details to the carrier so you do not need to go to a new website to request a scheduled pickup.

Each carrier has specific requirements for a scheduled pickup:


Pickup Details and Requirements


  • For Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, or First Class Mail International, pickup service is free.

  • You can schedule a USPS pickup up to 2 AM, Central Time, for pickup later that day.


  • UPS requires a contact person when scheduling a pickup.

  • UPS pickups incur a fee per pickup. The Schedule Pickup window will display the cost for the pickup.

DHL Express

  • DHL requires a contact person when scheduling a pickup.

  • DHL pickups are free.

Scheduled Pickups for GlobalPost Smartsaver

Pickups for GlobalPost are available for qualified SmartSaver shipments and are scheduled directly through your GlobalPost rep. If you would like to know more on how to qualify for GlobalPost SmartSaver pickups, contact GlobalPost.

How to Schedule a Pickup

To schedule a pickup with any carrier:

  1. Go to the HISTORY tab and select a carrier from the Schedule Pickup drop-down menu.

    History tab with the Schedule Pickup drop-down open.
  2. Select All Eligible Packages to select everything, or choose which packages to include and choose Selected Packages.

  3. Check your pickup address and number of packages in the Schedule Pickup window to ensure it is all accurate.

  4. Select the Package Location so the carrier can find the pickup.

  5. Enter any Special Instructions for the driver, such as gate codes or directions.

  6. Click Submit.

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