Common Settings

In the Endicia Online settings screen, Common Settings let you configure options in your account, including Label Customization, Service Options, Carriers, and Ship From addresses. See the sections below for information on each setting available in your account Common Settings.

To access Common Settings, click the Settings icon Stamps-PC_Toolbar_Settings_icon.png while in either the MAIL or ORDERS tab.

The settings icon is selected.

General Settings

These settings set general Endicia account behaviors and preferences for notifications.



General Settings

  • Logoff: Set the duration of inactivity before Endicia logs out a user.

  • Postdate: Set the cutoff time for posting mail. Any labels created after the cutoff time are set to ship the next day.

  • Account Balance: Set the amount the account balance can reach before Endicia sends you a low balance notification.

  • Carrier Terms: Accept terms of added carriers.

  • Int'l Verification: Automatically update international addresses after address validation.

Email Notifications

  • Deliveries: Enable Deliveries to get an email notification when a shipment is delivered. Set the email address these emails should go to.

Rate Advisor

Select how you want Rate Advisor to display in Endicia:

  • Display "Browse More Rates..." button in Carrier and Service drop-downs

  • Display Rate Advisor shortcut button

  • Don't display any Rate Advisor buttons

Ship From Addresses

This is where you add, edit, or remove the addresses where your shipments originate.

Settings popup. Ship From Address tab under Common menu.

Any Ship From addresses you've added will show in this list.


Click the +Add button to create a new Ship From Address.

Carriers Settings

The Carriers section includes all the carriers you can activate in your Endicia account.

Click +Add to see a list of available carriers to add.

Settings Popup. Box highlights + Add button in Carriers tab under Common menu.

See our Carriers Overview to learn more about the carriers available.

Service Options

The Service Options section controls what appears in the Service drop-down when creating a label. Enable the services you use most frequently to reduce how much you have to scroll through the list.


You can choose to either show or hide services in the Services drop-down menu.

Label Customization

In Label Customization, you can add a graphic or an image to your shipping labels and envelopes, allowing you to brand everything you mail and ship with your company name and logo.

To upload an image to your settings:

  1. Click the Upload Image button.

  2. Click the Select a File area.

  3. Select an image from your computer, then click Open.

  4. Drag the Framing Box until it encloses the whole image. This will ensure the image fits the space on the envelope or label. Then, click Upload.

  5. Check the Print this image on my envelopes and shipping labels box. Click Done.

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