Send Shipment Notifications Emails

A shipment notification email lets your recipient know that you have prepared, packed, and sent out their shipment for delivery. You can send a shipment notification when you create a label or after, as long as you have a valid email address for your recipient, by entering the email into the Email field.

If a valid email address is present when you create and print the label, Endicia will automatically send the notification email. If you do not wish to send a notification email, simply leave the email field blank.

Each shipment notification email contains the following:

  • Tracking information

  • Delivery address

  • Mailing date

  • Mail class

  • Estimated delivery time

  • Special services, such as Certified Mail (if applicable)

  • Order details

  • A customizable personal note

All shipment notifications are sent from if you wish to let your recipients know. Our email domain is fully DMARC compliant and notifications should be reliably delivered to your recipients' inboxes.

Send the Email after Creating the Label

If you left out the email address when creating the label, don't worry! You can still let your recipient know that their shipment is on the way by sending a confirmation.

To send the notification email:

  1. Select the label you want to send a shipment notification email for.

  2. Click Email Tracking Info in the Print Details.

  3. Enter your recipient's email address and click Send.


Customize Shipment Notification Emails

To customize the content of the email:

  1. Click the Settings The Settings icon. icon.

  2. Click Ship Notification Email in the Settings pop-up.

  3. Customize the From and Promotional Footer field in the pop-up.

  4. Click Save.

    Now, every shipment notification email you send will have your customized message.

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