Branded Tracking & Emails

Our Branded Tracking and Email feature allows you to continue marketing your business even after shipping an order. A Branded Tracking page is a page your customer can track their shipment on that is branded with your online store identity. Branded emails are the shipment notification emails you send to notify your customer their items have shipped. Unlike our default notification emails, the branded emails use your custom store branding.

Once your Branded Tracking page is published, the tracking link in the shipment notification email will automatically take your customer to the Branded Tracking page to track their shipment. Your customers will see the latest shipment status along with your brand's name, logo, social media links, and company return policy

Feature currently in Beta!

Our Branded Tracking and Branded Email features are currently in a beta phase and not automatically available.

If you'd like to try our branded features, please contact our support team and request them to be enabled for you. Once enabled, you will be able to access the settings as described in this article.

Requirements for using Branded features:

  • Your account must use either the Endicia E-commerce plan or one of our Legacy plans.

  • You must have at least one store connected to your account.

  • Branded Features must be enabled on your account.

All shipment notifications are sent from if you wish to let your recipients know. Our email domain is fully DMARC compliant and notifications should be reliably delivered to your recipients' inboxes.

Customize the Branded Features Settings

To configure your account's Branded Tracking Page and Branded Emails:

  1. Go to ORDERS and click the Settings ENDICIA_Toolbar_Settings_icon.png icon.

  2. Go to Branded Features and choose Branded Settings.


    The Branded Settings page will open to the Design tab.

  3. Select a Theme color: Blue (default), Charcoal, or Coral.

  4. Enter the Brand Name and URL you wish to use. Then, choose a Header option.

    • Use Default

    • Use brand name

    • Use logo

  5. Click the Links tab to add up to four menu items, your social media links, contact info, and return policy in the page header.

  6. Click the Stores tab to set which stores the branded tracking page will apply to.

  7. Click the Emails tab and complete the following actions:

    Select when to Send Email based on the Shipment Status.

    • Shipment Created (default)

    • Tracking Available

    • Out for Delivery

    • Delivered

    Confirm your Reply-To_Email and enter the Name you want to appear on your Branded Notification email.

    Add a Promotional Message.

  8. Click the Publish Now button when finished.

  9. Click Got it in the confirmation pop-up.

    Your Branded Tracking page will now be active. Every Shipment Notification email will display your brand and the tracking button will direct your customer to your Branded Tracking page.


Preview Your Branded Tracking Page

You can preview your Branded Tracking page by selecting the device icons.

Mobile Phones (default)





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