Create & Print Packing Slips

Use Endicia's packing slip functionality to print a packing slip for the shipments you prepare in ORDERS. Packing slips can be used to pick and verify the contents of an order and then included in the package to let your customers know exactly what they ordered and what should be in the box.

This article will guide you through printing packing slips from Endicia and show you how to configure your packing slips to meet your business needs.

Subscription Plan Requirement

This feature is not available for all subscription plans. If you would like to use this feature but cannot access it as described here, you will need to upgrade your plan.

Visit our plan pricing page to see what features are available with our current plans. To upgrade your plan, go to the profile menu in your account and choose Manage Account > Subscription Plan.

Print Packing Slips

With Endicia, you'll print a packing slip at the same time you print the shipping label.

  1. Check the Include Packing Slip option in the print window when printing your shipping label.

  2. Verify that the correct printing media is selected in the Printing On drop-down menu.

    Packing Slips can only be printed when either Shipping Label - 8 1/2" x 11" Paper or Roll - 4" x 6" Shipping Label is selected.


Configure Packing Slips

You can modify packing slips printed to specify how line items are sorted, to include item prices and SKUs, and to include a custom message to your customers.

  1. Open the Settings window by clicking the Settings icon.

  2. Expand Orders and select Packing Slips.

  3. Specify how items on the packing slip should be organized by expanding the Order Items By drop-down menu and selecting by SKU, Name, Item Quantity (low to high), or Item Quantity (high to low).

  4. Select whether or not to include Item Prices or Item SKUs on the printed packing slips.

    By default, prices and SKUs are included. Uncheck the appropriate checkbox if you do not wish to include one or the other on the packing slip.

  5. Enter the Header Text and Body Text fields to include a custom message at the bottom of your packing slip.

  6. Click Done to save your changes.

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