File a DHL Express Claim

You can file a claim for a lost or damaged DHL Express from Endicia shipment. During the claims process, DHL Express reserves the right to inspect, re-inspect, or salvage any shipment of any value when evaluating or resolving a claim.

Therefore, all packaging and contents must always be retained until the claim is concluded. All inspections should be done at the original delivery location.

Shipment Must Stay at Delivery Location

Failure by the consignee to retain the original shipment and packaging at the original delivery location or the failure to make said items available for inspection or retrieval as needed may invalidate the claim.


  • The waybill number or, if available, a copy of the waybill. All DHL Express waybill numbers consist of ten (10) digits. If a valid DHL Express waybill number is not provided, it may delay processing.

  • Photographs of the damaged item(s) and packaging (please include both inner and outer packaging).

  • All required documentation supporting the claim must be compiled into one .pdf or .zip file.

  • Claim must be filed within 30 days of the date DHL accepted the shipment.

File the Claim

To file a claim, go to this DHL Claims Form. Fill out the form, along with photos of damage if applicable. Once submitted, a representative will reach out to you about the claim.

Providing all the documents will allow for resolution of most claims within 30 calendar days.

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