Address Verification

Endicia runs each recipient address through a verification process to check its validity before you create a label. Addresses are checked on both domestic and international orders.

Endicia verifies addresses on:

  • Envelopes

  • Labels

  • Ecommerce orders (imported and manual)

  • Contacts list

Correcting an Unverified Address

Endicia will auto-correct the city, state, or zip code if the rest of the address can be verified in the USPS address standardization system.

If an address cannot be verified, you will see one of the following icons:

  • AmbiguousAddress_Icon_sdc-edc Ambiguous Address

    This means an exact match for your street address could not be found. Only the city, state, and zip code fields have been validated.

  • InvalidAddress_Icon_sdc-edc.png Invalid Address

    This means the address is missing the recipient's name, address, city, state, or zip code.

Endicia recommends confirming with your recipient first to ensure the address wasn't entered incorrectly before making changes. If the address is for an ecommerce order, review our Create Manual Orders help article to learn how to edit an ecommerce order address.

Endicia may recommend a suggested address if the USPS address standardization system can find a close match.


When you click on the View Suggested Address Corrections link, a pop-up opens to allow you to choose an address USPS recommends.


On rare occasions, an address may not match anything within the USPS address database nor have a close enough match to return a list of possible matches. If this occurs, Endicia will not be able to print postage for that address. You will need to address the item by hand and use NetStamps for postage. If this happens, please forward the invalid address to our Customer Support Team.

Verification Databases

For U.S. addresses, Endicia validates addresses against the USPS address validation database. For other supported countries, Endicia validates addresses against the Melissa Database.

There is a chance the closest matching address in either the USPS database or Melissa database will not match the intended delivery address.

You can check addresses in these databases to confirm or discover the expected address correction.

If you use an unverified address, you assume the full risk if the package is undeliverable.

To check an international address in the Melissa database, you must create a user and log into their website. Their address validation requires the use of credits (currently, you receive a limited number of complementary credits every month once you register).

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