Endicia is PCI Compliant

Endicia strives to protect customers' information from online identity theft. To ensure this, we received a certification of compliance in the Payment Card Industry's Data Security Standard program.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a series of standards and regulations set up by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, a coalition of major credit card companies, intended to stem the tide of identity theft. To achieve this, compliant vendors must meet a set security standard before receiving certification.

These regulations govern the following:

  • The data Endicia can and cannot collect and store during a transaction

  • The design, maintenance, and use of compliant firewalls to prevent intrusion attacks meant to steal stored data

  • The use of encryption to prevent sensitive data from being intercepted during transmission from customer to seller

  • The use of approved anti-virus software to prevent malware attacks on the network

  • The establishment of security policies to prevent the access of data, either in digital or hard-copy form, by those without a need to know, and the proper handling, storage, and use of data by those authorized

  • The tracking and monitoring of all who have access to the seller's network to detect unauthorized access in sensitive areas

  • The regular testing of all security systems and procedures, both network and human, to ensure their continued functioning

These structures have been enacted for your protection. Endicia has always used the highest level of encryption and security safeguards to protect your data. Certification from the PCI DSS adds a new level of assurance that your data is safe during your shopping experience.

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