HP OfficeJet Printer Troubleshooting

The following may occur when printing to an HP OfficeJet Printer from the Stamps.com PC software:

  • More than one copy of the postage is printed

  • The postage barcode does not print or may print on a separate label

Follow the instructions below to correct these printing issues.

See our Troubleshooting: Printer is Not Printing help article for general troubleshooting steps when your printer is not printing.

  1. Close the Stamps.com software.

  2. Open the Windows Control Panel.

  3. Open Devices and Printers.

  4. Find your printer in the list. Right-click on the printer icon and choose Printer Properties.

  5. Click on the Advanced tab.

  6. Select the Print directly to the printer option.

  7. Click on the General tab. Then, click Preferences.

  8. Change your printing or image quality to one of the following:

    The available options may vary depending on the model of HP OfficeJet printer.

    • Economy

    • EconoMode

    • Draft

    • Manual

    • Black and White

    • Black only

  9. Click Apply, then click OK to close Preferences.

  10. Restart your computer.

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