Authentication for Notification Emails

Email authentication is a crucial aspect of online communication, especially for e-commerce. Authentication ensures that messages are delivered reliably without being rejected or marked as spam. The most adopted email authentication protocol is DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance).

Email authentication protocols like DMARC prevent cybercriminals from sending emails impersonating your organization, protecting you and your buyers. Email authentication also ensures that legitimate emails are recognized by Email Service Providers.

Is Endicia DMARC Compliant?

Yes! All notification emails sent from our platform to your recipients are DMARC compliant. This includes our standard shipment notification emails as well as our branded notification emails.

This is because the domain for the "emailed from" address for these emails ( is owned by us and is configured to pass DMARC checks.

Google/Yahoo! Requirement updates

Starting February 2024, Google and Yahoo! email services will enforce DMARC more strictly than they have in the past. Google will start sending error messages in February. On April 1st, Google will start blocking emails that are not DMARC compliant.

Rest assured, any notification emails to your recipients from Endicia already meet the Google and Yahoo standards. There is no further action you need to take in your account.

Additional Resources

The following external resources can help with basic DMARC questions:

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