Mailing to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

When you mail important documents like tax returns, you want to ensure they arrive at the correct destination.

You can use these general guidelines when sending your mailpiece to the IRS:

  • Include your return address: Include your complete return address in the top-left corner of the mailpiece. This is important if the IRS needs to contact you or return any documents.

  • Consider Certified Mail: For added security and proof of delivery, you may choose to send your mailpiece via certified mail with the return receipt requested. This provides confirmation that the IRS received your documents.

  • Use the correct postage: Check the weight of your mailpiece and affix the appropriate amount of postage. When sending important documents, consider using a mailing option that provides tracking and delivery confirmation.

  • Use the correct address: Ensure you are sending your mailpiece to the correct IRS address. The address may vary depending on the form or document you submit and your location. The IRS provides specific mailing addresses for different purposes.

    Endicia will automatically try to match each mailing address you enter with an entry in the USPS master address database, known as the Address Matching System (AMS). Due to USPS regulations, Endicia will always use a 0001 Zip+4 to mail to IRS addresses.

    ZIP Codes

    If you need to use a specific Zip+4 that is not 0001, we recommend you handwrite the IRS address onto your mail piece to guarantee correct delivery.

  • Format the address correctly: Write the full name of the IRS center to which you're sending your documents. For example, you might write "Internal Revenue Service." On the next line, write the specific address for the IRS center. This could include a P.O. Box, street address, or other details. Below the IRS center name and address, write the city, state, and ZIP code associated with the IRS center. This information helps with the routing of your mail.

    This example shows the format when a complete address is provided:

    Internal Revenue Service

    3651 S Interstate 35

    Austin TX 78741-7855

    Sometimes, agencies may not provide a normal street address or PO box. This is a normal occurrence and means there is only one recipient in that zip code. You would format the address the same. If there is no secondary department name, the first and second lines would repeat.

    This example shows the format when no street address is provided:

    Internal Revenue Service

    Internal Revenue Service

    Austin TX 73301-0001

Always verify the current mailing address and guidelines on the IRS website or by contacting the IRS directly, as they may change over time.

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