Endicia History Page Overview

Endicia's HISTORY page has features that allow you to track and manage your transactions. Click the link below to view our help article for each option:

  • Refund: Initiate reimbursement for a purchase that did not go into the mail stream.

  • Schedule Pickups: Arrange and specify a time for a courier or delivery service to collect packages from a specific location.

  • Create SCAN Forms: Create a SCAN (Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notice) form to consolidate multiple package details into a single barcode.

  • Create Return Labels: Create a pre-paid and pre-addressed shipping label to allow your recipient to return an item.

  • Cost Codes: Assign a category to each item you mail or ship so you can track your expenses.

Customize the HISTORY Page

You can customize your HISTORY page view by adjusting the column details.

  1. Click on the three horizontal lines in the column header.

  2. Select the horizontal menu to:

    • Pin Column

    • Autosize This Column

    • Autosize All Columns

    • Reset Columns

  3. Select the vertical menu to choose which columns you'd like to show or hide.


View Label Details on the HISTORY Page

You can go to the HISTORY page to view your print history and related details. Choose to filter your view using the options in the sidebar:

  • Date Printed - Search through your print history based on a specific time frame

  • Eligible For - View specific transactions allowed for a refund, SCAN form, or insurance claim

  • Status - Search by the tracking event status

  • User - Filter entries based on the user

Select an individual transaction to view details and choose from the following options:

  • Tracking: Click on the tracking number to view the latest event status

  • Create Return Label: Initiate a return label

    • View Refund Details: View the refund information (only available if a refund was initiated)

  • Email Tracking Info: Send the tracking information to your customer

  • File Claim: Initiate a claim for the selected shipment

    • Reprint Claim Form: Print the claim form (only available if a claim was initiated)

  • Cost Code: Select a cost code from the drop-down menu

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