UPS Ground Saver in Endicia

UPS® Ground Saver is an economy, commercial or residential, ground delivery service designed for lightweight, non-time-sensitive packages. UPS® Ground Saver offers a clear savings advantage with rates even lower than our already discounted UPS Ground rates.

UPS® Ground Saver shipments move through the UPS network and will be delivered by UPS or, in some cases, will be handed off to the local Post Office for final delivery by the USPS. Since USPS can handle last-mile delivery, this means you can also use this service for shipping to PO Boxes, military addresses, and US territories!

UPS Ground Saver Features:

  • No residential, peak, or fuel surcharges

  • Delivers Monday-Sunday

  • 2-7 day Delivery Time

  • Door-to-door Tracking

You can select UPS Ground Saver for individual shipments or by setting up an Automation Rule to apply this service to orders that meet specific criteria.

UPS Ground Saver For Individual Shipments

To select UPS Ground Saver for individual shipments:

Set Up UPS Ground Saver Automation Rule

Automation Rules are one way to save time processing your shipments in Endicia. As your orders import, Endicia will check if an order meets the rule qualifiers. If it does, then Endicia applies the Automation Rule you set up. Review all Endicia options for automation.


  • You must have at least one online store connected.

    Either the E-Commerce plan or one of our Legacy plans is required to connect a store and view the ORDERS tab.

To create an Automation Rule:

  1. Open Settings from the ORDERS tab.

  2. Open Orders in the sidebar and select Automation Rules. Then click +Add.

  3. Name your rule in the Create an Automation Rule window and select which orders you want the rule to apply to:

    • Apply these actions to EVERY new order that is imported:

    • Only apply these actions to newly imported orders that match a specific criteria:


    In this example, we named it UPS Ground Saver and are creating a rule to only apply these actions to newly imported orders that match specific criteria.

  4. Click Add Criteria. Criteria is the IF part of the statement Endicia uses to determine if an order qualifies for the rule.

  5. Select the criteria and corresponding parameters from the drop-down menus.


    In this example, we use Item SKU, with a parameter of Equals, and entered a SKU value. Review a complete list of rule options in Automation Rule Criteria & Actions Reference.

  6. Click Add Criteria to create additional conditions for the rule or set the action.

If all criteria for the rule exist for an order, then the rule action applies to the order.

Next, set the Automation Rule Action:

  1. Click Add Action. Action is the THEN part of the statement Endicia applies to your order.

  2. Select the action and corresponding parameters from the drop-down menus.


    In this example, we selected Set Carrier and Service... and chose UPS for the Carrier and UPS Ground Saver for the Service. Review a complete list of rule options in Automation Rule Criteria & Actions Reference.

  3. Click Save Rule.

    Now, every imported order with a specific SKU will have UPS Ground Saver applied as the Carrier and Service.

You can add, edit, or disable any of your Automation Rules whenever you like. Changes to Automation Rules will only apply to future imported orders.

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