Shipment Returned to Sender

USPS and UPS will mark a shipment Return to Sender to ensure that undeliverable items are handled appropriately. Use the tracking number provided by USPS or UPS to check the details as to why your package was returned. Once the package has been returned to you, it may also include a sticker or notes explaining the reason it could not reach its destination.

There are several reasons why a package might be returned to the sender. Below, we’ve listed some of the most common reasons why a shipment may be returned.

  • Incorrect Address: If the address provided is incorrect, incomplete, or undeliverable.

  • Addressee Not Found: If the recipient is not available at the address provided or if the recipient has moved without providing a forwarding address.

  • Refused by Recipient: If the recipient refuses to accept the shipment.

  • Damage or Undeliverable Package: If the package is damaged during transit or if there are other issues preventing delivery.

  • Unclaimed Packages: If the recipient fails to pick up the package within the holding period specified by the carrier.

  • Failed Delivery Attempts: If multiple delivery attempts are unsuccessful.

  • Hold Request: If the sender requests to hold the shipment for pickup at a local facility, but the recipient fails to retrieve it within the specified timeframe.

  • Restricted Delivery Area: In some cases, certain areas may be inaccessible or have delivery restrictions.

  • Non-barcoded Mailpieces: If a mailpiece lacks a proper barcode, it may not be processed correctly within the carrier's automated systems.

If your shipment is returned, refunds cannot be provided as USPS and UPS consider the delivery complete. If you would like to resend the package, please address any issues mentioned in the tracking details or on the package upon its return. Afterward, you can create a new label using your account.

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